Newsletter: From the Office of the President


By Kristin Sheridan, Ph.D., LP

During the past two days I have been included in a long email discussion among Insurance Committee members about how to respond to member concerns brought up on the listserv.  The time span from the problem was identified to the time an action plan was decided on?  Two days.  Impressive!
Last week I consulted by phone with our legislative liaison concerning issues of significant importance to TLLP's and LLP's.  Because our association and our lobbying firm have long-established relationships in both the mental health and the regulatory community, it has been possible to move toward solutions on these issues.
I also was in on a call with the Committee on Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Responsibility regarding a way-cool education program that is happening in Traverse City in October.  A collaboration with Native communities promises some enlightening and inspiring experiences for our members who attend.  More information to come.
Because there is no such thing as too many meetings, I also participated in a Membership Committee meeting.  Building membership is a constant concern for MPA, as it is for many other associations, and it takes an attitude of persistent optimism to continue to try to find ways to persuade psychologists that we are stronger together (have I heard that phrase somewhere before?) than we are separately.
Before my vacation (in Spain and France, but who's puffing herself up?) I met with the Chair of our Program Committee and our Executive Director.  Continuing Professional Education has been an integral part of the services provided by our organization, and as times and technology change, this committee works hard to figure out and respond to the needs and preferences of our members.  Ideas, anyone?  We would love to hear them.
And, oh, yes, I got to attend the Finance Committee meeting as well.  Our organization is in pretty good financial shape, folks.  And we owe that in large part to the leadership of the Committee, particularly our treasurer, Dr. Debra Smith.  She will be departing her Board position at the end of the year, and I feel a need to take every opportunity to give her a shout out.
Sadly, aside from our monthly Executive Committee meeting, that's all the meetings I was able to attend.  Which means I missed out on our Child and Family Committee, MPAGS, Early Career, Licensure, Public Education, Communications, Ethics (well, they probably wouldn't let me in anyhow), and Regional Groups, and Disaster Relief.  Maybe next month.  In the meantime, I can be pretty sure we all will hear from our Federal Advocacy Coordinator, who gives us useful things to do.  And our APA Council Rep will surely report in with the latest from our national organization.
Whew!  This association does a lot!  You are getting your money's worth.  So good for you, all of you who faithfully pay your dues and support your association.  We are not perfect, but we think a lot about what is best for our profession and our members, and we try to act accordingly.  I hope you all have a terrific summer.  It is short enough in Michigan to be quite magical, so don't miss the magic.
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